Being a maniacal world conquering villain is easy on paper, but where do you get the money you'll need to build giant skull fortresses and giant dragon robots? Not to mention the salaries of all your loyal, hard working henchmen (less of a problem for Dr. Wily, since he doesn't have to pay his robots any salary, only the maintenance costs) as well as the occasional kickback to keep the authorities from getting involved too early. Of course, since money doesn't grow on trees, in between world conquest attempts Wily's always attempts a few business ventures to fund the next one, from selling artificial crystals with the help of Crystal Man, and opening up a beer brewery, rigging a tournament race, to bankrolling a cartoon series by Ruby-Spears based on his exploits. (unfortunately, at the demands of the network, it ended up starring Mega Man and Roll instead, with the evil doctor being relegated to the villain role.) However, none of these made him as much money as he was hoping for, and as a result, some sacrifices had to be made, such as how Gyro Man was originally intended to use a jetpack, and indeed, how the guts tank was originally intended to have programming more complex than "move back and forth and shoot mets at Mega Man" (Yeah, in the actual games it's slightly more complex, with the addition of the guts tank shooting lemons at you and raising it's arm up and down, but I thought this would be funnier)