First, apologies for the absolutely massive delay - I'm not gonna make excuses, but the TL;DR for why it took so long was that this comic was A LOT more work than I usually do - I had to make a bunch of new sets and sprites for this one, which took up most of the time I spent - and I was tired as all hell in real life. It's pretty miraculous I even managed to do those drawings a few days ago.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Dr. Light helped build them, deciding on what exactly the DWLN's would be doing after the story's conclusion was a lot harder than the last set of robot masters - in particular, Magnet Man and Hard Man, though, Top man and Shadow Man were incredibly easy. In the end, though, I'm satisfied with how it all turned out - both for these guys and the chapter as a whole.

One character I was absolutely not expecting to write a good ending for was Doc Robot - when I first wrote him in I personally felt like he was very, very ancillary and just kind of in because he had to be - something that probably wasn't helped by the fact that he is completely ancillary in Mega Man 3, and basically only there to pad out the game's runtime. In the end, though, I honestly warmed up to him a lot - and this comic needed a 9th to round it out to an even 10 panels.

I've got more to say, obviously, but that's gonna have to wait for a bit...