Of all the charged shots, my favorite is probably the one in Mega Man 5. (and Megaman 4 on the game boy, but I digress) 5 is an odd entry in the series, while it's definitely a good game, it's never really anyone's favorite Megaman game; The levels are okay, the special weapons are a mixed bag, the music is alright, the robot masters range from 'Pretty cool, I guess' to Charge Man, I mean goofy as hell. Oh, and it was a bit disappointing how you couldn't fight Dark man IV in his Proto Man disguise. Still, the OP-as-fuck charged shot makes an alright game pretty good in my opinion. The sheer size and the damage it does make it something special, especially since for a few RM's, Like Stone Man, and Napalm Man, it's better to just use the buster instead of their weaknesses'. Special mention goes to the fact that the charged shot has recoil (It pushes you back a bit when you fire) in Mega Man 4 game boy, making it a bit more annoying, but also helps it feel a lot more powerful.