Quint's question in panel 3 represents, in my opinion, an interesting debate about artificial sentience. Namely, is it ethical to give emotions to a machine? The two sides to this debate, which I'll call "Team Man should not play God" and "Team If God did not want Man to play him, then he should not have made Man in his image"... Hang on, those names are too long, Just call them "Team No A.I." and "Team Go A.I!". Team No A.I. argue that giving feelings and personality to a tool will just create unnecessary problems for humanity, and the simplest way to avoid these problems is to just not make self-aware A.I. in the first place. Team Go A.I.! Argue that it is in Mankind's nature to try and re-create itself, and that humans and A.I. would work well with eachother, to patch the flaws in eachother, and be more than the sum of their parts. Obviously, there's more to it than that, but this is a sprite comic, not a point/counterpoint article. I'm not going to waste your time by forcing you to read my robot manifesto.