The following description was written back in 2018 and hosted on my old smackjeeves page. Since smackjeeves is dead, I figured I'd back-port it to deviantart, and then copy-paste it onto my websote. Especially since this comic, as well as comics 2-13 didn't even have descriptions, so I'll also be back-porting the smackjeeves ones, which, besides the description for #2 (another 2018), were written in 2017 and originally from my tumblr page (who remembers that!?). From a 2020 perspective, I can say that YES, it does get better. Trust me.

This comic originally didn't even have a description, so I'm taking the time out to write one now, a sort-of retrospective on how far I've come over a year and a half. I've heard that your first work will always be the crappiest, and it appears that my first comic is no exception. Flat colored backgrounds and enviroments, the scientist and security guard are very lazy sprite edits, as well as the weird aspect ratio I'd resized metal man and flash man to. Not to mention how I hadn't figured out how speech bubbles work yet. However, I feel like it's still nice in the sense that it was really just me throwing shit at the wall to see what would stick, and it's always nice to compare how you did in the past to how you're doing now.

If this is your first time reading this comic, then let me just say, thanks for giving me the time of day, and I hope the first few comics don't leave a bad taste in your mouth. It gets better, I swear. This description is a temporary filler one, and I'll be writing something new when this shit goes live.