My name is Navy Joe, though I'm known in some circles of the internet as "Cube". I like to draw comics and write stories.

My goal is to make stuff people enjoy reading and to have fun. Recently I've published a cybernetic horror story called Blood on the Matrix I- Second chance! I've got some more stuff in the works, too...

Aside from that I also like to draw stuff, both to hone my skills, as well as to just have fun and draw stuff I like. Aside from characters from my stories and just regular OC's without a story, I like to also draw fanart from stuff I like. I've got pretty eclectic taste, so really, you can expect anything. Especially a lot of Mega Man.

Anyways, welcome to my webpage and I hope you like what you see! Contact me if you've got any questions or if something on the website's broken or if you've got any ideas for stuff I should add.

Oh, and incidentally, this website is a proud member of the Lainchan webring. Why not check some of their sites out?.

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15/05/23 - Added a webring page!

27/04/23 - Added a guestbook!

26/04/23 - Blood on the Matrix I - Secoond Chance!

18/04/23 - Blog Entry: Back in the saddle?!

23/05/22 - Comic #345 - Those obnoxious Wily bots!

02/05/22 - Comic #344 - Pray I do not alter it any further.

25/04/22 - Comic #343 - Unplanned obsolesence

15/04/22 - Blog Entry: Simmering down (except not really)

16/04/22 - Quint's Quest 5th year anniversary comic!