Beyond Eternal Life (basically, what next?)

Published 21/07/2023

If I can give one piece of advice to any of you aspiring creatives reading this, it'd be "Don't try to balance more than one big project at a time..." Yes, I've definitely been a bit foolish, but I'll elaborate more on that in a second, don't worry.

Anyways, I've just published the second instalment in the Blood on the Matrix series, "Eternal Life!" If you haven't already, go read it! It's good, I promise!... It's also pretty long (about 92,000 words!) so grab a drink and get comfortable cause it might take you a bit to get through it. Oh, and if you haven't already as well, read the first instalment - Second Chance - too. They're both individual, standalone stories (it's not a Lord of the Rings type situation where it's one story split over multiple books), but being the direct sequel there's a bunch of stuff in Eternal Life you need the context to get and it references the first book a bunch. Also it's a fun read.

That's enough self-promotion for now. Apologies to any new fans who're waiting on the edge of their seats for a third instalment (Which, believe me, is happening) but It's gonna be a while before Blood on the Matrix 3 is out. Like I said earlier, I made the rookie mistake of believing I could balance Blood on the Matrix 2 with another big project and thinking "oh, I can just do them at the same time!..." Yeah, that didn't work out too hot, so I just made the executive decision of focusing hard on Blood on the Matrix and letting the other project sit tight on the backburner for a while. In the postscript of BotM 2 I said how the story took about eight months to finish, and it was mostly done at that point anyways, and I just really wanted it to be finally done and published. Now it is, and that means I'm gonna focus on the other project. So, sorry, but Blood on the Matrix 3 isn't going to be out for a long time.

So, what is this 'other project' I keep hinting at? Well, I wanna keep it a secret for now. It wouldn't be fun otherwise, now would it?

I'll give a few hints, though. It's NOT another novel, it's NOT related to Blood on the Matrix in any way; it's an entirely new series, but something long-time fans of mine will find familiar. I'm not gonna confirm or deny anything though, so you'll just have to wait and see to know for sure!...

Anyways *2, don't get the wrong impression from what I said earlier - I still had a fun time making Blood on the Matrix 2, it just took me a freaking eternity. In all likelyhood, though, so will this next project, and I can say that with confidence because of the (long, if it wasn't clear enough!) time it took to make the progress I've already made on it (not much, lol!) and how long it takes to do other stuff in the same(ish) format. So, that won't be out for a while, either. Stay tuned, though, since I'm still gonna post a bunch of artwork and stuff in the meantime. Joe out!