Back in the saddle?!

Published 18/04/2023

Now that I'm actually writing this out, I'm not sure whether to go for the "I bet you didn't expect to see this website updated again so soon" sarcastic joke, or the "I bet you didn't think it'd be this long before I updated the website again." In all honestly I'm surprised to be doing it at all, but, yeah, I'll be updating the website again. Probably less frequently than usual since I'm not doing Quint's Quest anymore, which, incidentally, isn't why I'm resuming development on this website.

Without wanting to go into too much detail (I wanna keep it a surprise, you know!) I've got a few projects in the works - one of which is actually just about ready to release! - that are pretty unsuitable for posting on Deviantart, and even less so for twitter. No, get your head out of the gutter, it's the FORMAT that makes it a poor fit for those two websites, not the content within. So, because what I'm doing would be way, way better viewed on it's own website, I'm kicking development of my long-neglected and sort of ancillary Neocities site back into gear! I'm gonna be making a whole bunch of new pages for newer stuff and revising existing ones, though, there is one area I'm probably not going to work much on anymore.

If you click the "Artwork" Button in the little hub widget at the top of the screen, you'll see it just redirects you to my Deviantart page. Yes, I'm being lazy, but bear with me. THERE IS WAY, WAY TOO MUCH ARTWORK TO CATALOGUE. I fully admit I've got very, very little clue how to use javascript or anything fancy (and I kind of don't want to, so as to preserve the "web 1.0" feel of the website. It's an excuse, I know, but it's my reason.) so, unfortunately, the only way to actually do it was to MANUALLY CREATE EACH PAGE, AND MANUALLY CREATE THE CATALOGUE PAGES. One by one, and adjust them as I put out new artwork... Yeah. I was already burned out to hell and back on it by the time I stopped work on it like a year ago, and I've only made more artwork since then. So, unless somebody knows a way to automate this process it's just not happening.

But, yeah, other than that you can probably expect more stuff to come soon. Stay tuned!