Simmering down (Except not really)

Published 16/04/2022

Five years. I've been doing this comic for five years. Even typing this out it still feels a bit hard to believe, but here are. I don't know what to say. It's all a bit crazy, if I'm being honest. Five years. Absolutely mental. I get that it's not quite 10 years - yet - but still, this feels like it's a pretty important milestone, at least for me. Most webcomics peter out way before reaching the half-a-decade mark, and, I feel like doing a sprite comic for 5 years is an endeavor that, if nothing else, requires a lot of persistence, so, go me, I guess.

Now, I guess you're kind of expecting the whole meta self-deprecating "what the fuck am I doing with my life" comment, but right now I think I'll pass. Without any sort of exaggeration or embellishment I just want to say that I've genuinely had a good time making this comic. It has absolutely been time well spent, and been a blast. Just sort of seeing the whole comic grow and change, and I've grown and changed a lot in the last half-decade, too, and I feel like doing this comic's been sort of a catalyst to me picking up drawing and writing a lot more - personal passion projects, for the time being, but I do have plans - and just kinda seeing the whole thing play out infront of me. It's a bit like a record of my life for the past five years - at any point, I can just go through the archive, and pick out a moment. There. That's me. That's where I was X years ago, X months ago, X days ago. I've always believed that artwork is a reflection of the person who made it, and it's a bit weird - but not unpleasant - to see this reflection of me, and this landmark date, passing by. I probably am looking too much into this and grand-standing a bit, but this is my first "You've been working on this for five years." It might not be ten years, but it's pretty special to me.

Anyways, enough about me, it's time to talk about you. I know I say this every year, but, once again, I'd like to thank each and every one of you, for reading. I do not say it enough - making this comic would not be as fun or exciting as it would be without you. So, give yourself a pat on the back. You've earned it. I've never really been one for long speeches - or, even blogging in general, as you can see by how infrequently I post to this, So I'll just conclude by saying, see you next year.

Time for the other part of this blog post, where I've got something a bit important to address. So, as you probably know, in the 5-year anniversary special comic I just put out I pointed out how, as of the last three-ish months or so, my release schedule has been, not to mince words here, fucked. From February 14th, to today, I've put out a grand total of 5 comics in about 9 weeks. I'm not gonna make any sort of excuses or even act like this is even the first time I've done an extended, unplanned radio silence. There's a bunch of stuff on my plate IRL that I still haven't quite finished up with/gotten over, so, even though I really do want to be consistently updating twice a week and consistently putting drawings out, sometimes I might not be able to. Just giving everyone the heads up, that, even if I miss a few uploads in a row, the comic isn't cancelled. Despite what the title of this blog post might suggest I'm still aiming for a bi-weekly upload schedule, and, considering how, not once have I ever gotten any flames or "when's the next comic, Joe?" messages whenever I miss an upload date, which, going on glass-half-full-mentality, implies a staggering amount of patience on your guys' parts. Thanks for being so understanding.