I got schooled.

Published 01/09/2023

So... It's been a bit of a weird period between this blog entry and the last one. I haven't been putting out much in the way of illustrations because, well, not to mince words I've been busy, and when I haven't been busy I've just plain and simply been tired as all hell. I set a goal for myself to put out at least one fully rendered drawing a week and while I did manage to get that drawing of Aigis out, for the most part I've been missing that goal like a champ, so... Yeah. Sorry. I'll try to do better but, unfortunately it miiiiight be out of my control now.

That's because I'm going back to school. University, specifically. Not art school, surprisingly, I'm studying accounting... Which, I'll be honest I kinda picked on a whim because I was good at math in high school. Although the fact that it's a skill that's always in demand and entitles me to do a more lucrative job than pouring coffee helps.

Unfortunately this also means that university is likely going to monopolize my time for the next 3 years or so. That means alot of the time I could be spending drawing and writing is instead going to have to go towards silly little things like lectures, studying, and homework, and I'm not gonna be able to upload stuff as often as I'd like to be able to, which sucks, but hey, that's just life.

I do have some good news, though. My next project is coming along... Really slowly, but hey, Rome wasn't exactly built in a day. I've also additionally decided to set myself a deadline. I'll release it - or, start releasing it - in December, even if it isn't *exactly* done. Thankfully, it is the sort of thing I can release in piecemeal - and really, should release in bits since the twitter algorithm prefers frequent posts over more substantial releases over a longer period of time. Depending on how life goes I might even start going public with it earlier, but December is the absolute latest I'll wait to release it. In the meantime, I'll *try* to put out normal drawings on a consistent-ish schedule whenever I can get a free moment from studying, pull up my bootstraps, and do my best I can. Ciao!